Areas of Law

Business Litigation

Waldrep, Mullin & Callahan has handled business litigation since the firm's inception. Waldrep, Mullin & Callahan attorneys are committed to representing businesses in a wide range of litigation matters, both as Plaintiff and Defendant, in areas such as contract disputes, business torts, trade secrets, intellectual property and banking litigation.

Insurance Litigation

Insurance is often considered to be a minefield of complex terms, grey areas, trigger theories and bewildering concepts designed to minimize exposure and deny coverage. However, at Waldrep, Mullin & Callahan, we believe in leveling the playing field and ensuring that insurance disputes are settled fairly.

False Imprisonment and Malicious Prosecution

On occasion, a business will have evidence or knowledge that the person they caused to be prosecuted was actually innocent, but they keep this to themselves and allow an arrest and prosecution to continue. In such cases where a business causes an innocent person to suffer damage to their livelihood and/or reputation, it may be possible to recover compensation for your hardship.

Probate Litigation

The death of a loved one is a difficult time, particularly when it is sudden or unexpected. Often, family members are unaware if a will or trust has been created and navigating probate can be distressful and all consuming. Take the time you need to grieve and trust in our experienced probate litigation team to handle your case with the care and attention it deserves.

Enforcement of Property Rights Litigation

Waldrep, Mullin, & Callahan actively represents companies and individuals in the enforcement of property rights in state and federal courts. These rights include the rights of shareholders in companies, the rights of members of limited liability companies, the rights of homeowners as to other owners and home owners’ associations, the rights of holders of trademarks, copyrights and patents against those infringing upon those rights.

Personal Injury

Although personal injury law has something of a negative reputation, for those who are victims of an accident or injury, the ability to claim for the detrimental impact the event has had on their life is a necessary one. We are able to represent personal injury claims in a variety of scenarios including automobile accidents, catastrophic injury and even in the devastating event of wrongful death. Please visit our individual personal injury pages for more information on these specific scenarios.

Wrongful Death

Coping with the loss of a loved one can be devastating under normal circumstances, but when you believe that their death was caused by the negligence or wrong-doing of another party, then these thoughts can become all-consuming.​​​​​​​ Although nothing can repair the heartbreak and loss that you have felt, you are also entitled to be financially compensated for the gross error that has cost the life of someone that you held dear.

Automobile Accidents

Whether you have suffered serious injury as a result of an automobile accident, or you have recently lost someone close to you, it is important that you seek the emotional, physical and financial compensation that you are entitled to. Although this can in no way make up for the pain and suffering that you have endured as a result of your accident, it can help to cover the gap left by lost earnings, expensive medical bills and specialist equipment that you or your loved ones may require.

Catastrophic Injury

While injuries are a relatively unavoidable part of life, some are far worse than others. Catastrophic injuries are usually extremely sudden, unexpected and can leave the victim suffering from long-term or even permanent effects or disability for the rest of their lives. At Waldrep, Mullin & Callahan, we understand the immense physical, emotional and financial impact that a catastrophic injury can have on you and your family. Although a financial resolution can by no means make up for the pain and suffering caused as a result of your injury, it can help to provide you with stability and security in your future.

Challenges to Tax Assessments

Most homeowners take their property tax bill at face value, believing that their local government is accurately assessing their home values. Unfortunately, assessing a property’s value isn’t always black and white. An unfair property tax assessment might be putting you hundreds or even thousands of dollars out of pocket each year. Do you believe your tax assessment is incorrect? Waldrep, Mullin, and Callahan can help you challenge an unfair assessment.